RVM Pilot Scheme


To pave way for the future Producer Responsibility Scheme on Plastic Beverage Containers (PPRS), the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) has rolled out a one-year RVM Pilot Scheme in the first quarter of 2021 to test out the application of RVMs in Hong Kong. Under the pilot scheme, 60 RVMs would be installed in phases at locations such as public places or government facilities with suitable foot traffic, with provision of instant rebate $0.1 per plastic beverage container) via e-payment platform to encourage the public to return their used plastic beverage containers. Each Octopus card or Alipay (Hong Kong) account allows the public to return a maximum of 30 plastic beverage containers and redeem the rebate in a day. Members of the public may also choose to donate the rebate (no daily limit imposed) to designated charities (the Community Chest, the Scout Association of Hong Kong or the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association) to benefit the community. All the plastic beverage containers collected would be delivered to suitable local recyclers, as arranged by the Government-appointed contractor, to ensure proper recycling. First batch of RVMs has put into operation in January, 2021.


Cumulative collection:

Till 31 May, 2021


Compressed bottles will be stored inside RVM and collected regularly for recycling